Friday, January 31, 2014

Update and challenge card

Well still at my life change eating and working out. I have lost 12 lbs but given that I was just over 200 lbs, (yes I was that large) you really can't tell.  I can a little, and I mean just a little. I see a very small difference in my tummy area.  That has gone down and it seem to me my boobies are shrinking.  Not happy about that only because they are not a young girl perkie anymore so that only means they are getting saggy and will be flat.  I am proud of myself that I have not cheated, still only eating Paleo and working out about an average 5 days a week.

Another great update is that I got a promotion at work and have become a full timer and part of management.  I really don't care about the management so much as the full time and the small raise that came with it.  I am lucky that I like going to work and enjoy what I do, so all in all it is a good thing.

Today I made a Valentine card for the Simon Says Work It Wednesday challenge this month.  I bought the Sizzix heart die set a little while ago and had never used it, just waiting for Valentine day cards to break it out.  I decided to use the positive and negative on the same card. Did you know that Michaels craft store sells My Minds Eye products.  I picked up a 4x4 pad, called Love Me, and found the perfect paper for under the heart.  I made sure I situated the paper so that 2 and the 14 would show through.

I went ahead and embossed chevrons on the cut out heart and added a little "hugs & kisses".
I love it!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year, new me.

I hope everyone survived the holidays and the New Year.  All of mine was uneventful which is very good.  One thing that has changed is my eating habit.  It's not a diet but totally changed what I eat.  My daughter (the oldest) seems to be worried about my health.  I guess because this year, in fact next month I will be turning the big 50.  ugggg!!!!  No really this milestone is not effecting me at all.  The one that really put me in a tailspin was 40,  Anyway, I have started eating a Paleo diet.  What that means is I only eat things that come from the earth.  Meat, very little pure hard types of cheese, eggs, fruits and veggies. My daughter says I can also have small amounts of brown rice and only black beans.  I'm ok with that.  Everything else is gone.  No sugars, wheat, gluten, starch, rice, etc... all that crap that turns to sugar and never leaves your thighs and ass.   This all started two days after Christmas so it has only been about two full weeks but so far so good.  I really have not missed anything.  I also instead of just eating one large meal a day like I use to, I now eat 4 to 6 meals a day.  I really would not call them meals, I have one good meal and a lot of little snacks though out the day. I know from the way I had been eating for the last 5 or so years that my metabolism was completely shut down if not dead altogether.  It will take quite a bit of time before I can wake it up and make it work properly. 

Then next thing I did was join a gym.  I recuited my good friend and that was not hard we use to work out together before.  It really is the only way to get yourself to the gym if you have no discipline much like me.  The buddy system all the way. 

I want to start documenting my new change of life plan here but by no means stop my crafting and card making challenges.  I hope there is room for both with everyone.  

Today's breakfast I created a small scrambled two eggs with mushrooms and 2 slices of bacon.  Normally this would never be enough for me.  Lately I have noticed that I can't eat to much, I get full very fast.  That is a good thing. Even this morning breakfast was a little too much.  Then about 2 1/2 hours later I had a pear sliced up and an orange.  I slice up all my fruit as it make you eat slower which makes you feel fuller at the end.  I will be going to the gym tonight for a couple of hours and today I am only going to do cardio.  The treadmill.  I feel I have to loose weight before I can create any muscle, and so far I have not lost any weight.  Going to try a different strategy. 

As for my crafting side:  

Since Christmas I have gotten back into my craft room and created a couple new things.. Do you mind?  Let me show them off. 
I love my soldier frame.
I call this one "I Mustache you" frame.  

I also started my Valentines crafts.  
 I <3 br="" plaques.="" u="" wall="">
 Last but not least my favorite LOVE mini frames. 
I did not permanently adhere the backgrounds onto the frame so after the holiday you can still use the frames for any other picture you'd like. 

All my frames and crafts are for sale if you are interested just email me.  If your interested in my 3D embellished frames you can see all that I have for sale HERE at my etsy shop.  

Time to go get changed for the gym.  I'll be back to update my progress later and  in the mean time ....

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A new craft room toy!

Hello everyone.  I hope everyone is all ready for the holiday.  Don't be caught doing the last minute thing on Christmas eve. 

I have to show off a new craft room toy I picked up yesterday.  I have had my eye on this for a long time and know for sure it would not be under the tree.  Santa came early just for me.

 The Recollections brand is a Michael's brand and I know they have a good product.  Plus used my 40% coupon. 
 Very easy to put together. 
It didn't take any amount of time to fill it up and I reduced the little jars and trays on my desk so now I have soooo much more room.   It comes with little plastic trays in each round basket but if you don't want them you can leave them out.  I like them in there to help separate the items.

Hope, in some way, this helps someone make a decision on weather to buy it or not.  

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

An old wreath with a new face lift.

Today has been a very busy day.  I got more decorations out and finished the house.  I also made a new Christmas wreath for the front door.  The old one was looking so shabby.  I took everything off of it but a Santa head that was still looking ok and started over.

I think I got carrieried away with the extras above Santa, but I love how my bow turned out.

Next on the agenda is finishing the banner.  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Let it Snow...Man

It's only 8 days until Christmas and only 5 days til my darling daughter (the one in Seattle) comes home for Christmas.  Can't wait to see her, I miss her so much!

Had to share another card I made for this season.  I just love this die set I got this year.  It's a Sizzix called Snowmen & Let it Snow.  The snowmen come in two sizes.  The one on the left is just a little smaller.  You can see an example of him on the previous post to this one.  On this card I used the snowman on the right and put the hat on him.  The set also come with a Sizzlit that die cuts out "Let It Snow".   I think I also might make package tags with Mr. Snowman. Wouldn't that look cute?

I think I'll submit my lil snowman card into the Die Cuttin Divas challenge #146 for this week.  They have great challenges, always so much fun.  If you're looking for some fun stop by and check the Divas out. 

My next project I want to make a Ho Ho Ho banner for the living room. 
Here's a sneak peak of what I'll be starting with.