Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm on a roll....

Day two and another post. Wow this is lasting longer than I thought. Winter is finally here in AZ. It is a bone chillin 55 degrees out right now. One of my girlfriends that lives in Iowa sent a picture of her back yard and the snow was probably knee deep. Never living in snow I don't really like it much. My saying is " the only thing cold and wet I want near me is my dogs nose".

Well back to stamping projects. Here are two more cards I made last nite. I really will work on taking better pictures. I have a great, expensive, Nikon L100 camera but for some reason my pictures show yellowish and blurry. If anyone has any ideas, tips, or tricks on taking great card pictures I'm here for the learnin.
This paper I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It's by Three Bugs in a Rug. My little reindeer, ribbon and embellishments I've had forever and can't tell you where I got it. The stamp is by D.O.T.S (yest that's how long I've been stamping) It says: "The present is wrapped, the riboon is tied.. Sure hope you like what you find inside..."

I had a bunch of scraps that I took the hodge podge of paper and made this card.

You've been to Big Mamma's Stampin House!
Sweet Dreams To All!

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