Thursday, October 27, 2011

Great new site!!!

I have to share a brand new site that I was turned on to.  It's called Blitsy.  It will be having private sales on name brand items every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday for up to 60% off. 

On FB this is what they say about their customers: 
Our customers can expect to see sales from the leading manufactures including: Ranger, Sizzix, Spellbinders, Teresa Collins Designs, 3M, Making Memories, Little Yellow Bicycle and many more!
So be one of the first to sign up to get the best deals.  Here is the link to check it out and sign up.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spooky Bird House

 Hey everyone.. it's Wednesday  and I can't wait to show you the latest so I am getting right to it.   I have to say sometimes my "Sometimers" kicks in and I forget to take all the pictures I mean to.  LOL!!

I have to apologize that I did not get the before pictures.  I guess I get so excited and jump right into my project.  Anyway on a trip to Goodwill looking for something else I ran across two unfinished, completely raw birdhouses for only .99cents each.  I gave one to my bestie so she could make hers and I got started on mine.
I am a HUGE Pinterst person and I saw these birdhouses a little bit ago.  Aren't they sooo adorable?  I just knew I had to make them and when I came across the birdhouses I knew it was a sign from the Halloween gods. 
I need to give credit where credit is due and give thanks to Shanty 2 chic for posting this great Halloween craft.

Ohhh on the same trip I also ran across the perfect candle stick for it - BONUS!!!

So here is my version. 
This is the front.  I just used scrapbook paper for the whole thing.  As you can see from the little bird perch on the front it is green.  I painted the whole house green first and then ModPodge'd the scrap paper on all the sides.   In my stash of goddies I had the little embelies, got my trusty glue gun out and attached them.  I think it's hard to see but my little black birds (one at the top and one peeking out the hole) have red eyes.  What I did was pulled out their little black eyes and replaced them with red bling jewels.  I also painted the candle stick black and then on the top and bottom added a row of bling.

This is the back of it.  I really didn't feel like embellishing the back at all but really love the skull paper.   All this paper came from a pack I had from last year so this was kept on the real cheep.. just left overs. 

On this side I had embossed the paper first with my SU spider web folder but after ModPodging it on, as you can see, the emboss got lost so it needed a web, another cute left over embeli.  I also had the big sparkly spider which I glued on the top and added a little red hour glass on her back side.

Last but not lease, one more side.  I think you have seen this before... haha.. my EKK picture frame post.

In case you can't see I glued googly eyes all over the side.  The paper reminds me of eyeballs. 

So now that Halloween is almost here and soon to be over I can start on some home improvement DIYs.  

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Friday, October 21, 2011

A Crazy Halloween Idea

 Hello everyone.. I hope everyone is well on their way to getting all their Halloween decorations up and displayed.  I really have had fun this year thinking of new things to make and display and I'm not done yet!

 As I was surfing the web looking for ideas I came a cross a very crazy thing that fits my wacky personality so well.  Here is what I found. 
I immediately had so many ideas how to enhance this idea and make it so much more creepy for my Halloween purpose. 

 So the first thing I had to do was find some baby heads.  So easy right ... WRONG!  Baby heads are not what they use to be.  I must have gone to 4 or 5 different Goodwill stores a couple of times until I found the right ones.  Most baby dolls now days are very hard plastic, have hair, or connected to some mechanical body and to do this the heads need to be a softer plastic and no hair.  Plus you have to look for the babies that have a soft fabric body and the head and limbs are sewn on or in my case attached with a zip tie. 

So finally I find them.. yeah!!!  First thing I had to do was drill a hole in the tops of their head.  That sounds so wrong.  So I had the guys at work do this.  All they did was take a 3/4" key hole drill bit and drill a round hole.  I knew I wanted to use those small tapered candles so you have to make it somewhat small so that the candle won't just slide right through.

Next I knew I wanted them to be black so I spray painted them black and then sprayed a clear gloss to make them shine. 
They look so crazy just the way they are right now.  I was getting so excited.  Those baby eyes were just staring at me before but now they are lost so I decided I had to do something to make them POP out. First I thought I would glitter them.. like in red or silver.. nahhh.  Then I thought about putting a red jewel in each eye.  Yea but just didn't pop quite right.  Then I remembered I have in my stash of goodies Glow In The Dark paint.. OMG  it was perfect.  I filled the eyes up with the glow in the dark paint and then put a red jewel in the middle.

So here is the finished project.  What do you think ? 
Now this is crazy huh.
I am displaying them in these huricane globes I have.  I added candy corn and some jar fillers that are in the shape of bats.  That's the little black things mixed in with the candy corn.  

So there you have it.  Check that crazy Halloween craft off my list. 

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Friday, October 7, 2011

A Few New Projects

 I know it's been a while but I have been ubber busy making projects.  First thing I can't wait to show you is what I made for one of my coworkers that having her first baby.  The baby shower was last night, had a great time and even won a game.  As soon as I heard about the baby I knew just what I wanted to make for her.  I saw these onsies that had funky fabric on them in the form of a tie.  I had to give it a try.  I make two of them what do you think? 

 I bought my first sewing machine about two months ago.  It is a Singer no major bells or whistles but has zig zag and button hole maker.  I think I really need to find a beginning sewing class to take.  Maybe not the very first sewing class there is but one on how to read & understand patterns and their instructions.

While I was working on these I also was getting together with the BFF and we have been creating Halloween projects.  While at a local scrapbook store we saw a Halloween collage board and we both said we can do that.  She had  two plain white canvases so we painted them black.  With my Echo Park "The Apothecary Emporium"  and a few other embeli we bought I came up with this collage board.  The banner was cut from Spellbinder die set she has and for the finishing tough I cut satin ribbon, stabled it to the back and tied it in a cute little bow to hang it from. 

The the last is just a silly little card I made with a $1.00 bin stamp I found at Mikes.  I love skulls and ones with a bow are just a bonus.  

I hope your weather is as nice as our right now.  I have opened all doors and windows so the nice cool air can just flow on through.  I don't think this week it has gotten over 90 degrees.  For us that is beautiful but I hear it isn't going to last.   

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