Monday, April 22, 2013

For the teacher

I found the cutest thing on Pinterest. to make for teachers.  The end of the year is fast approaching and look at what a cute thing this is to give as a thank you gift.   You could fill it up with candy or I'm going to include thumb tacks and paperclips so she can keep it on her desk filled with those things that are always needed.  Teachers never have enough thumb tacks.

If you have been following me at all you know I don't have any small children but my daughter is a 4th grade teacher so I made one for her as a little surprise gift. 
Apple container
I bought a small clay pot and the base that goes under it.  I already had red paint and the clay,  Just to let you know it isn't just any kind of clay, you need to get the kind that you bake so that it become hard and doesn't crack.  That took no time at all and I did it in my toaster oven.  I made the stem right on the top (which is really the clay pot base) and then put the top with the stem attached to it right in the oven.  It won't hurt the clay pot at all.  Last I just found a leaf from the tons of silk flower bushels I have and hot glued that on to the stem. 
Apple container I
So adorable right?
On the original, from Pinterest, she did not paint the inside but I did. 
Apple container - inside
Then just so things did not fall through the little hole in the bottom I glued a round piece of felt to the bottom. 
Apple container - bottom
There you have it.
I hope she like it!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Spring!

Thought I'd brag about a great idea I had for a long time and finally got it completed.  A while back mom got a new bed.  For a long time she had a little twin bed we bought at ikea.  We both hated it but the only other bed we had was a huge Cal. King and in her little room there was now way it would fit.  so finally mom got to be a big girl and got a big girl bed.  She wanted to just throw out her old bed.  It was just some boards and slats and normally I would have probably broke it down for firewood but I had a great idea for it so nope in the garage it went.
I had decided it would make the perfect raised vegetable garden.  Those slats were calling my name to plant something between them. 
This is what I started with.
I took the headboard off already.  Then I removed the footboard. 
Then I dug out the garden so that I could put the bed in and cover with dirt. 
I fit perfect.   Look at what a ham Rocky is.  He always has to be right in the picture.
Then I just stared filling it all in.  I added a few bags of potting soil and started planting.

I already had that little fence and thought it would be great to put around it.  Last year Rocky kept eating the tomatoes before I could get to them.  
They look a little droopy but by the next morning they came back just great.  There are 3 different tomatoes plants, two peppers, two cucumbers and a zucchini plant.
I'll keep you posted on their progress.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Life's update

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter or Passover celebration. Ours was really nice and laid back.  Of course I had to make a Easter banner for the occasion.  I found cardboard bunny cutouts at Michaels.   Almost all my banners are made from these cutouts.  For every season or holiday they have cut out that match or relate so they work so perfect for banners. They really are originally made for creating mini albums but that's what crafting is all about.  Finding things that might not be made for what you want to use them for.
Easter Banner
Don't you just love all those poka dots!
Easter Banner close up
Easter Banner tail
The bunny's tail was a big thought process.  I was going to use a big white fuzzy ball but I couldn't find one big enough.  I didn't want to use cotton ball plus I didn't have any big enough. While I was looking around Michaels I did see hair clips that were felt flowers.  
Ding!. Ding!. Ding!!! 
That was it.. I came home and tried it out.  I think it worked out great and looks so cute.
Easter Banner 2013
I've been working on frames for my Etsy shop and hope to be back very very soon to show off the newest frames that are available.