Friday, September 28, 2012

Spooky Banner

First and most important today – I am wishing my baby girl a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Yes today is her birthday and she is 19 years old.  OMG.. where’s my cane.  I feel sooo old.
I can’t believe it.. where has the time gone.  19 years ago I was feeling the pain.. walking around the mall trying to get the last minute things done before I headed to the hospital.  Well as any shopping trip for me goes I stayed to long at the mall and had to stop three times in the parking lot of the hospital thinking I was going to drop her right there.  Really I didn’t think I was going to make it inside, but I did and I think I was on the table for less than 30 mins. 
Happy Birthday Rissy Rissy Rose!  Love you with all my heart.
Sorry I’ve been away for a while.  I’ve been busy busy busy.  My favorite time of year is right around the corner so I’ve started to get all my spooky decorations together.  I don’t have any little kids so my decorating is on the smaller end.  I have a little table that I decorate for every occasion. 

Nothing spook-ctacular, just a few fun and spooky things I have.  Inside my glass globes are my favorite decorations.  They’re my creepy baby heads.  They have holes that I drilled in their head and I put dripping candles in them.  Here’s a picture from last year.

The other thing I’ve been working on is this spooky banner I made.
I’m going to enter it to one of my favorite sites challenge this week. 

Gotta go and take my little girl to get some coffee for her big day. 
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BOO itful Frames

How corny is that title.. not as corny as my latest little project.  I have to give credit to my bestie Shanny for thinking this one up.  She turned me on to these little frames.
So I pulled out my little Halloween cuties and went to work.
I know I wanted them peeking out the side and as you can see it was going to say BOO. 
Here’s the out come.  I love them!
What you can’t see is on this little ghost I embossed him with my SU spider web folder. 
This will look great in my Halloween display. 
On to my next project.  Making a Banner for my display table.
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stick with Me

I have another new ittybitty by Unity stamp to show you.  I wanted to make a card to enter in the Paper Issues Tag, You're It! challenge.  I really want a chance to win that embosser they are giving way.   LOL   Plus I was looking for a chance to use this stamp.  Well I just used the words from this set.  I had an idea for it since the day I got it.  

This is also my first use of Washi Tape.  I don’t know why, I guess I just am a little intimidated by it.  Who knows????
Just for the fun of it I used the color combo from The Play Date Café Challenge: #149

I’m really changing my style in making cards.  I looked back through old post and I am seeing evolution of my card making style.  I wonder what does that?  What makes us take a different look at who to create images on cards?  Just something to ponder. 
I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I sure did.
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Friday, September 14, 2012


I have had this project on my to do list for soooo long.  I finally had to bite the bullet and just get it checked off my list.  I think I kept putting it off since I really don’t sew.  I took “home Ec” back in grade school.  Yea that’s how long ago it was.. they don’t even call the class that anymore.  I made a shirt back then but really it ended up looking like a pillowcase with three hole in it.  It was horrible!

Then when my first daughter was born I made her a dress.  It was amazing!  It had a zipper in the back and she wore it all the time.  I have no idea how I did it other than I am an educated person and can read a pattern.   That didn’t help the first time so I am chalking it up to those mom hormones  surging through me and made me like a sewing super woman.
So here I was sitting in front of my new sewing machine.  I say new, even though I have had it for at least a year.  It’s still new since this is probably the first real sewing project I have done on it.  

Isn’t she cute?  The basics of the machine world but heck I never could have more gadgets on it.  I barley know what I’m doing.. thank goodness for pictures on the knobs.  LOL. 
I have two large pillows that desperately needed to be recovered.  I have no pillows on my couch right now and I thought it would be a fun project.  Plus have you seen the price of pillows .. Holly CrapOlly! 

These are large pillows but perfect for the couch.  I went down to Hobby Lobby to find some fabric.  After looking and dreaming of really beautiful pillow fabric, which was around $15 (on the low end) and up to $20 a yard, I found in the clearance area some great striped fabric that ended up to work just fine.  Remember with all my 4 legged babies at home I do not have a hootie tootie living room.  I have a very lived in living room so nothing fancy for us.   These are just going to be snuggle up and watch a movie pillows.

The best part of this fabric was the price.  Only $7.99!  It was originally double that.

So I measure, cut, buy zippers that are made for jackets, and start sewing.  I bought the heavier duty zippers.  We are not very careful people here and zippers don’t seem to last.  I want to be able to take the covers off and on often to wash them. 
I know I didn’t put or sew these zippers in the official way,  Not the way you’re suppose to sew a zipper in.  In fact I don’t think I know what the official way  is.. LOL, but my sewing job worked non the less.

Wait, I’ll let you be the judge of that.  What do you think? 

I really like the fabric and look, the zipper works great and looks like it’s part of the pillow.  

Just don’t get your magnifying glasses out and do an inspection.  Like I said, it was sewn Big Mamma’s way, not the right way.  LOL  I crack myself up.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Great Mike’s Find.

The other day I was shopping at one of my favorite go to stores for all my crafting needs, Michaels.  I have to show you what I fell upon.  I mean really I have probably passed by these 1000 times.  I found them above the candy at the end of the last cash register, sitting at the top piled up, shoved in a box with a bunch of other stuff.  I hope if you go look for these they are displayed much nicer in your store.  Coming from retail they would sell a lot more of these if they did.  All I know is that they are the cutest thing and so perfect for my new craft room.   The bonus is they were relatively cheep,  I think just over $1.00. Embossing container
I’m pretty sure it is a little candy container but as soon as I saw that scoop I knew exactly what I wanted it for. 

Embossing Powders

This is how I normally store my clear embossing powder.  It’s has been just fine this way but I just love the little scoop.  What can I say?
embossing powderEmbossing scoopEmbossing container II
I bought two of these for now.  I don’t emboss a lot so I don’t know  what I’ll put in the other one.  Maybe a cute way to store little brads, buttons, beads, charms, just about anything small.   Who knows maybe I’ll put it on my desk and put candy in it. 
Help me out crafters.. what do you think you’d use these for?


P.S. somewhere along the way I lost my signature.  Need to figure this out.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Corn Dog Muffins

Usually Sundays are my cooking days but since it was such a busy day it had to wait. 
Like I said in yesterday’s post my Super Saturday Goodwill Hunting (remember I changed it,  still love it.  hehe)  wasn't very fruitful.  The one thing I did find, and it was a huge find is this muffin tin. 

This muffin tin had not been used, ok maybe once but not a scratch on it, not a dried up piece of burnt food.  You know, no matter how hard you clean something, you can tell if it has been used.  This was probably either a wedding gift that got shoved way in the back of the cabinet or someone had a Paula Dean inspiration and it just never took off.   It's very heavy duty and I just love how the cups are deep and not round like the traditional muffin tins.   My light blub when off when i saw it and knew what my next Recipe Redo was going to be. 

Here is the original picture from my Pinterest board:  Find the kitchen.

This one I didn't even look at the original recipe.  How hard can corn dog in a muffin tin be.  RIGHT!  
Maybe that's why I call it "REDO" just going to start making these up my way.
Oh my, hold on to your Pepto.

I decided to go to a childhood stand-by for my corn mix. JIFFY BOX. Com'on.. you know this stuff is as great as Bisquick. It's for those of us that want to be Julia Child but really we are Rachel Ray. Plus Jiffy is good, really it is.

Ok I gather up my ingredients. Let's see. Corn Mix -   (two boxes was just perfect, for my muffin tins)
Beenie Weenies -
Note:  I used Cocktail Smokies but of course you can use any kind of “dog” you’d like.
I got my big glass mixing bowl out and followed the box instructions.  1 egg and 1/3 cup of milk.  That’s it.  Mix it up but don’t get crazy on the whisk, it gets puffy not runny. 
Fill your cups and I just put a little weenie in each cup. 
Not rocket science. 
In fact if you have kids this would be perfect for little hands to help out.

Bake as the box instructs which is 400 degrees for 15 – 20 minutes. 


I made these yesterday for lunch and Mom and I sat down to try them out.  First trying to get them out of the tin was not that easy.  It was not due to sticking or because the shape of the tin.  It was mostly due to the corn bread.  Crumbly.  I did notice later in the evening when I went to have a snack it was easier.  I think it was since it had cooled down they somehow caked up a bit.  Both mom and I liked them, they were good just a couple of notes.
  • add a little oil to the muffin mix.  On the side of the box there were instructions for pancake / waffles.  I think this would help in the crumbly effect and help hold on to the weenie.  (can you tell how much I like saying weenie.  Angel)
  • I will add more dogs to the middle.  Instead of just one I will put three in the cup.  It was a lot of corn mix and not enough dog.
Last but not least, next time I will add a little shredded cheese to the mixture.  We love cheese in this house.  I wish I was born on a Wisconsin dairy farm.   In fact really you can add just about anything to the mixture.    I will be making this recipe again, very soon, not only to get it right by adding the above but also to try different ingredients and see what I come up with.

Now I have to do real life work and leave the satuary of my blogging world.  I have to go pay bills.  UGHHHHH!

Monday, September 10, 2012


How was your weekend?  Mine was great!  Friday night I caught up with a girlfriend to talk about her new job.  Of course we did this over a cocktail.  It was real nice to get out at night and she what real people do. 

Saturday was of course Super Saturday Thrifty shopping.  That really doesn't roll off the tongue very well does it?   Goodwill really is the only place I go.  I have about 4 of them I venture to with in a decent driving range and I have a great route that is a full circle home. I should just rename it to Super Saturday Goodwill Hunting.  Wow I just came up with that.  I really like it.   

Yep that's what I'm going to do.  So start looking for my renamed updates and I'll label as such.   

Now where was I?  Oh yea.. Saturday.  Really didn't find a ton this Saturday but there was one great thing.  This post really isn't about my finds so how about I come back tomorrow to tell you all about that.   

Sunday I went to a stamping party with three of the best girlfriends a girl can have.  We had a great time and made 10 Christmas cards.  I guess it got my stamping juices flowing because I came home an made another card.   

I knew I had been wanting to make a card to enter in a few challenges that were coming up and this was a perfect opportunity.  I had recently got a new Unity ippity/Jellibean stamp called Fight Like A Girl.  
This stamp means a lot to me.  I know a couple people that are going through a life battle with that BITCH of a "C"!  Sorry for such a strong word but it is a horrible thing and that is how I feel.  
So this is for them.


  I got the design / layout from Retro Sketches Challenge #28  -  I like how clean and simple these sketches are. 
As you can see I stamped the image twice and cut one out to pop it up.   The image has the ribbon but I also have a punch that punches the ribbon image.  I punched it and glittered it pink.  Staying with my new love Jillibean the background paper is from their Homemade 6 Bean soup 6x6 pad I have.  Tied a white ribbon around it and done. 

 I did say that there were a couple challenges, the other one is Simon Says Stamp Challenge - Put a Stamp on it.  Simon Says is having a STAMPTEMBER MONTH.  It's for their anniversary.   They have a very big celebration going on with a very nice prize and I can not lie.. I want to win.  I love shopping with them.   Hell I like shopping who's kidding who here.. but I do love their products.  LOL 

I hope everyones weekend was as good as mine.  
Now back to crafting!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Catching up

 Hey everyone,

I just wanted to do a little catching up today.  I hope everyone had a great labor day and spent it with family and friends.

You might have wondered what happened to Sunday Recipe Redo, last week.  I didn't get into the kitchen at all last week and I was busy making two projects.

First it was one of my best friends birthday a couple of days ago.  I made her this birthday card.  
I am in love with my new Sizzix Tim Holtz embossing folder - Hexi.  Isn't is great!  
Then I stamped my brand new Unity/Jillibean soup ittiybitty stamp - Note of Thanks.
My little cupcake is from SU and I had to use my brand new Di-namics die - mini pennant.
On the inside (which of course I didn't take a picture of.. DOH) I embossed the hexi along a strip, top to bottom and had a great tag that I added a special message to. 

I hope she liked it. 
Happy Birthday Shanny. 
p.s.  and Lisa, another friend of both of ours has the same birthday, in fact I met her through Shan. 

My other project I just completed  is another frame for my shop.  Please stop by if you haven't yet.  Just a click on my side bar.  

I made the lollipop embellishment myself with my Doodlebug bakers twine.  It was a little harder than I expected.  I punched a circle, put a little brad in the middle, I used Glossy Accents as my glue since it drys quickly and just started to twirl the twine around. 

I thought this would be a fun frame to put your little one's picture in and set it on the present table at a candy themed party.  


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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Super Saturday Finds.

 Another great weekend and Saturday thrifting turned out pretty well. 
Here are my finds. 
 More jars!
I know with the larger one I'm going to put all my different kind of brads in.  Something I've decided is that I really don't like having a different container for every different style, size, or colors.  I would rather condense down and have just a few jars to display with great, adorable, colorful items.

I can't wait to either put embossing powders or glitter in each tube.  It twirls around and all I have to do is pop the top and sprinkle.  It looks like it was never used.  I already have the idea to decorate the tops with great paper and embelis.  Maybe flowers. 

Last but not least was this metal vase.  
When I saw this I immediately saw a large Halloween centerpiece.
Maybe a smaller pumpkin or a skull, with black roses, spiders?
Ohhhh how creepy this will be.  


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