Sunday, September 2, 2012

Super Saturday Finds.

 Another great weekend and Saturday thrifting turned out pretty well. 
Here are my finds. 
 More jars!
I know with the larger one I'm going to put all my different kind of brads in.  Something I've decided is that I really don't like having a different container for every different style, size, or colors.  I would rather condense down and have just a few jars to display with great, adorable, colorful items.

I can't wait to either put embossing powders or glitter in each tube.  It twirls around and all I have to do is pop the top and sprinkle.  It looks like it was never used.  I already have the idea to decorate the tops with great paper and embelis.  Maybe flowers. 

Last but not least was this metal vase.  
When I saw this I immediately saw a large Halloween centerpiece.
Maybe a smaller pumpkin or a skull, with black roses, spiders?
Ohhhh how creepy this will be.  


BIG MAMMA LUVS YA Glitter Graphics


Izzy Anderson said...

Those are all really fun finds and I love your ideas for them.

You are a winner in the PaperHaus magazine blog hop! Yay. Can you send me an email with your mailing address? izzybee99 (at) yahoo dot com. :)

Jennie Larsen said...

Hello Big Mama- saw your message on my COM-FB wall. Thanks for the comment. Thrifting is seriously the best right? Enjoy your treasures and all your creating. hugs, jne