Monday, January 24, 2011

Kicked out of the hamster cage!

 Yep I'm home.  My stay was short and sweet.  Apparently my body/liver reacts very quickly to heal my body.  (please note:  these are the remarks and explanation given to me by their doctors) 
Prior to calling for this study I was going to the gym at least 3 times a week and just before going in for my first physical I was lifting a lot of weights.  So much that my legs hurt and my arms hurt so much it was very uncomfortable to stretch them out.   I thought I was doing good.  Loosing weight and getting back into shape after the holiday eat fest.  I was never told or asked about exercise levels.   I guess there is a enzyme that your liver gives out when you work out to repair muscle damage.   A normal person has a level of 200 and mine was 14,000.  They called me back to redo the blood draw, thinking it was a mistake, but also asked me about working out.  I then told them how I was working out and they let me know to stop completely and they would do a redraw.  I guess everything was fine after I stopped and so I was admitted to the study.

As I had said in my previous post the last day I was there we did many, many vitals.  I guess that was another problem; my blood pressure readings were all over the map.  My blood pressure was pretty low at one point with a reading of 86/64.  Most of the time the top number ran 109 -96 and the bottom numbers were between
 70&76 .

 So their full explanation was that "the client" which is the drug company that is trying to get FDA approval for this certain drug did not feel I would be a very accurate body.  They felt my body responded to quick and often to what's going on with it and that I was manipulating my readings.  The bottom line is that they could not take a chance of not knowing if it was my body that was creating a certain reading or was it the drug that I was taking creating the reading.

Good news is they still pay me for the time I was there so that is good.. I have to wait until the study is done so won't see anything til around the first of March.   They said I can still try to get into other studies but not this one again.  Maybe I will, maybe I won't but it was quite the experience.
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Day TWO in the Hamster wheel

Making it though another day.  It’s mid morning right now about 20 till noon.  So far the only thing I have done are my “VITALS”   I lay down for the ECG, blood pressure and heart rate.   Then stand up and again for blood pressure and pulse.   My first blood pressure was 94/71 with a heart rate of 82.  
Now on to more important things, dinner last night.  I had no idea what it was but it was spicy.  Ok I do know what was in it just that I am sure it doesn't have a name.  It consisted of rice,   The broccoli was ok.  A little hard for my liking. That square thing on my plate was some kind of bread that I had already eaten the top of.  That was the only good thing, oh and the Dixie cup of diet soda I was allowed to have.

I had said I would touch on the people that are here with me.  I have already clued you in that most don't speak English.. and that's totally fine since I understand Spanish so if they are talking about me I'll know.  Yesterday as I walked in to the common area this really tall older woman came running up to me.  She had a blanket wrapped around her and extended her hand and said, "Hi, what's your name?  Mine is blah blah"  I was somewhat taken aback, she came outta now where so I missed her name and plus I just didn't pay attention.  I thought she was just being overly friendly but also thought well maybe because there was a lack of people she could speak with she was happy to see me.  NOPE - come to find out she is just crazy!   

I thought this would be easy for me to be in here since I am a person who really doesn't need to be around other.  I'm an only child so I play very well by myself.  LOL.  I have no problem speaking or talking to strangers,  I used to be a trainer and facilitated classes, so no problem,  right?
Have you ever been somewhere sitting close to someone... like at the library or in my case at a long table with many computers, and the person next to you keeps talking out loud to no one about what she is reading or looking at on the computer.  I know you know the type, they want you to ask about it so bad that they get a little louder and I can see from the corner of my eye that she keeps looking at me to respond.  I won't do it!  Plus I really don't care.

On a lighter note did everyone watch American Idol last night.. I was apprehensive about the new judges but I think it is going to be a good year.  

 Stay tuned for dinner!  You know I can't wait to see what it is.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day one as a Guinea Pig

  Hi everyone.. I want to let you all know that I am taking a break from my challenges and cards.  I hope a 27 day break.  The reason is I have entered a medical study and have to stay in their facility with limited items to bring.  I know!  Can you believe they would not let me bring my whole crafting room.. BEEP.. BEEP.. back the truck up here I come.  LOL.

So for the next month (or 26 days) I thought it would be a great idea to diary my stay here. 

I arrived this morning for check in at 8:30.  I was one of the first that showed up with my bag in tow. Now packing was a little different.  They provide you scrubs - pants and a jacket, a pair of socks, towels, and all toiletries .. you can only bring your undies, some tee's for under the scrub shirt and a pair of shoes.  I also could bring my blow dryer and straighter.. (thanks shanny)  but no shampoo or conditioner..  I brought makeup but could not bring liquid just the powder and of course my lap top and cell phone.  The other thing I did was stamp a bunch of images and brought my copics so I could color and have my images ready to go when I get out. 

First thing automatically you get a wrist band and you be come a number.  My number is ALT1-55, and everywhere I go and everything they do it's all about the scan.  There are 6 in my group and lets just say I don't understand them and they don't understand me.  I feel like the new kid at school, but everyone has been very nice.

 So first we had to give our vitals.  Blood Pressure.. mine was 123/75.. I think that is good.  Then on to weight.. I'll leave that one up to your imagination.. LOL!  Then the famous Pee in the Cup trick and if your close to me you will know that I am not good at this trick at all.  Get the hazard suit out.  I never knew there was a science to this but I guess there are rules and regulations you have to adhere to or they know.  Let's just say I never knew there is what is called a "Mid Stream" sample.  That is a no no.   Next had to do the EKG which they call a ECG.. what the hell do I know I'm no Doc but all is good with the ticker.  WHEW!  I guess 1 person in my group did not pass so then there were 5.  Next they herd us into a different area of the building.  This building/facility is huge.. have to stay with the group or your lost and thank god for the wrist band!  We visit with the RN so that my veins can be inspected.  Yep, there they are, the freeway of my body is good to go.  The reason for the vein inspection is cuz they will be doing a lot of blood draws and I believe, 3 times while I'm here, I will have a catheter put in my arm to administer the drug .. hence the Guinea Pig statement. 

The next test they conduct is a balance test.  This one is crazy. They harness you up like you are going to jump out of a plane.  Then you step inside this half box, they hook you up ( not the kind of hook up I would prefer but that's another story)   It has the floor of course and two side walls and the front.  What it does essentially is move .. ever so slightly .. and you have to keep your balance and stand up straight.  First the front wall starts to tilt forward or back and it's like a head game.  You don't notice it is moving until you start to follow it by leaning forward and then you catch yourself and stand up straight.  It is just crazy.. the test goes as far as the platform you are standing on slides back and forth a little quicker each time.  The best I can say is it's like when you were young and going to the carnival and the fun house.  Well I came out of that all good and by now it's noonish.  Time for lunch. 

Well if that's what they call it!  I think it was their attempt at some kind of cross between chili/fajita stuff?  It was beef with some onions and bell pepper involved.  I don't eat beef so I just left that.  Also on the plate was some beans and rice.  Now don't you think they should think this lunch thing through better.. beans in a confined area ..hmmm  I'm just saying.

After lunch I guess they figure enough for one day.  Just a small orientation to go over the rules and when lights go out.. that will be at 11 pm.  So here I am.. It's 3:23 of day one and so far so good.  There's quite the array of "guests" here but that will be for tomorrow. 

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday DB

 Yep now it's my brother's birthday.  I made him a card and did a post on it but as I looked at it I thought it just wasn't right for him.  I'll save it for another birthday.  Plus it gave me the perfect reason to pull out one of my favorite stamps and get a hopping with Flourishes Blog Hop.  You really need to go check it out.. they have some wonderful prizes.  Just click this badge and check it out.
 Then I picked my sketch and colors and this is what I came up with.

Much more appropriate for a Dr.  I used the sketch from City Crafter Challenge #39 and I used the colors from Create With Connie and Mary Challenge #133 

 The stamp is from Hampton Art
The buttons and twine are from Bo Bunny
The Sentiment is from Cloud 9

Have a great and safe weekend and come back tomorrow to see what else I have created.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birtyhday DD

 Yep its my babies birthday coming up on the 23rd.  WOW 24 YEARS OLD.  I must have had her when I was 8 cuz you know I haven't turned 30 yet... LOL.. hahaha..

Where has the years gone.  My baby is a grown adult and is teaching little kids herself.   Where's my cane!
So I have spent this week working on her card and gift.  I used the colors from two challenges ColourQ Challenge #67 and The Pink Elephant Challenge #91 - Pink, Orange and Aqua.  Here are the Color Q colors.  Both are the same color range and were perfect for what I had planed. 
My plan was to make her a card about her favorite thing.  Cooking and Baking.  I bought new stuff just for this card.  I went all out.  First I bought the cutest paper pack by Cosmo. 

Take a look at the package I bought.  

My BFF was with me and right away said "Oh that is so her"  and it is.  She should have been born back in the 50 or 60's   So vintage and retro.

I did something else that I have never done.  I think it turned out ok but I know I did not do it correctly.  I lined the envelope to match the card.  Only for my daughter!  Love you baby. 
 I used the sketch from Verve - Viva La Verve Sketch - Week 2
Don't you love those little spatulas.  I found those and they are brads by Doodlebug Design.  I almost dove over three people to get these.  So adorable. I used two different stamp sets.  The Cake stand came from a set by PJK Designs - 1001 Mom's Diner.  You will see more from this set.  And the bowl, mitt and rolling pin are from another set from Stampabilities - Baking.
Just in case you can't read my chicken scratch.  It says 
1 Tbs of Hugs
A big pinch of kissess
Fill the bowl with Love
 What does that make?
A big batch of Loved filled Birthday Wishes!
(i made it up and didn't realize it rhymed until i read it out loud)
Sorry that this post has been so long just one last thing is the envelope.  Front and Back.
Wow after looking at all these pictures I better go clean my desk.  What a mess!

Other challenges;

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Owl always love you

 Gotta make this a quick post to show off another Valentines / Challenge card.  Today is jam packed so I better get a move on.  I am using Critter Sketch Challenge #46 sketch.  It is pretty simple but you can do a lot with it. Take a look: 
 Then I went with with the best colors there are right now!  Flourishes has a challenge right now that you can win their new January Release.  Flourishes The Colors of Love Challenge - Use the colors of Pink - White - Red. 
The other color / Inspiration challenge is from  Crazy 4 Challenges #69. 
 The two sweet little Owls are from Stamping Bella and I won them a while ago and had never used them.  What a perfect time to bring them out.  The sentiment is from a little $1.00 bin stamp from all of our fav. Mikes.   The ribbon is so old that I pulled it outta my "Ribbon Jar".  It was soooo crumpled up that I used my never fail trick.  I get my hair straightener out, turn it on to the lowest setting and then run my ribbon through it.  Of course you have to be careful but it is great.. It straightens the ribbon better than it does my hair.  LOL.
 The last challenge is a given with Craft Your Days Away Challenges #11 - Anything Goes .

Ohhh crap it's almost 12:30 and I have to be at my first stop at 1:00  I gotta get.  Have a great day.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Some major challenges, blog hops and birthday card

 I have worked very hard on this card for a very special person but also for some very special blog hops and challenges. 

First the special person.  Saturday is my BFF's SIL boyfriends birthday.  Are you still figuring that out?  Well anyway he has become a very special person to me.   One of the very special blog hops and challenges is from Verve Stamps.  They have what is called Viva la verve sketch challenge and this is for  #1.  Check this sketch out.. Isn't it to die for.  Now I just have to load it on to SCS .. I hope I do this correct.

Another challenge / blog hop is for the Charisma Cardz 2nd birthday celebration.  They wanted us to use 2 so instead of the #2 I used Two Boots.  Do you think I can sneak that in.  Haha. It's true tho. You have to get to both these hops/challenges.. SO MANY PRIZES!

 All the paper on the front and the base for that matter came from my old scraps.  Great way to use that up. So another challenge is Cute Card Thursday challenge #146 - Out with the Old.   All that old paper we need to use up. The tag was from an old set and really is a sticker.  I plan to write my Happy Birthday on it and on the back we are going to attach the gift card to it.  It isn't glued down just slips under the ribbon which I hope looks like bandanna.  That's what I was going for.  I ran down to my great Scrapbookin Etc. store tonight and bought that special just for this card.  So since that is brand new lets get this card in Pile it on challenge #1 - Brand Spankin New
 The last challenge and a great blog hop (so get over to all these hops and get yourself a chance at some great prizes) is at Crafty Sentiments 2011 blog hop - Anything Goes.

Well it's almost 12 and I don't want to turn into a pumpkin so I better sign off.  See ya all tomorrow.. ohhh wait the chimes have rung.. see you today.. LOL
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nuts about you

 Just got home from errand running with my BFF.  First time in about two weeks I have seen her and she live just down the street.  You see her husband works in another state and only comes home about a weekend a month but for the holiday and cuz it has been snowing where he works he has been home for some time.   When he comes back into town he puts a lock down on her.. (not really but to me it feels like it) and I don't see her.  I can't believe she would rather spend time with her husband than me.. oh well I guess it all works out.. I get her when he's gone.  Hehehe 

Just before I left I had just finished another Valentines challenge card.  Thank goodness we are getting back into our challenges.  I live for my challenges.  Well to start off I used The Sweet Stop SSS89 challenge sketch.  It was pretty darn complicated for me.  Just a lot of layers and I'm not very good at that but I think it all worked out darn well.I just moved the flower a bit and you will see why but you have to read on.. haha..

Next I went for Stacey's Stamping Stage color challenge - Act #63
The colors are:  Bashful Blue, Chocolate Chip, Whisper White, Cajun Craze, and Always Artichoke. 

 So now what card to make.. I went with a very non-traditional Valentines card but it is perfect for a rough tough guy.  Now I just have to fine one.. LOL.. I crack myself up.    I know I will send it to my daughter so she can give it to her boyfriend for Valentines.. I just thought of that.. not only do I crack my self up. I amaze myself!  Ok enough about me.. on to my card.

I know what your thinking.. How the heck is this a Valentines card..The stamp is just one single block stamp from Recollections.  It might even be from the $ bin.  See how I put the flower in a different place well that's because  Claudia & Company challenge #69 asked us to Tag it with Love. 
So I did.. Cute huh. It's part of my tag.
One last challenge for this card is for Fab n Funky challenge #54 - Anything Goes.

Ok that's it for now but I hope you like it and had a great day.  It was for me and it would be sad if it wasn't for you. 

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Monday, January 3, 2011

My very first ATC!

 I know what your thinking.. what the heck does she mean her very first ATC.  I'm not kidding.  I have never made one just by itself but this week at Incy Wincy Designs Challenge #75 asked us to.  So I stepped outta my box and BAM! I did it!  It was hard when you're so use to making cards, even though every card you make has an ATC as part of it.  The size is so small that most my stamps are much larger than the card size alone.  haha  I do have a set from Inkadinkado called Friendly Characters which ended up being the perfect size.   I also need Thank You cards for after the holidays to send out and that ended up being perfect cuz two other challenges asked for Thank You themes, Allsorts Challenge #84 and Cute Card Thursday Challenge #145.   I made the ATC colors Purple & Yellow for The Corrosive Challenge #97

 So what do you think for the very first one.  

As I sit here looking at it I'm not a big fan of this but maybe I'll get better if I do more of these.  I can say now all I need to do is slap it on a card base and I'm good to go.  I guess there is a silver lining after all.

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Another Birthday card

 Happy Monday everyone.  I hope the start of the new year is going well for everyone.  It is for me, I just got back from the gym.  I took a break at the holidays and my body sure is showing it!  Big Mamma is lookin like BIG MAMMA!  LOL 

Well after I made my last card and posted it I stated to really look at it and decided that it was just to immature to give to a 17 yr old.  I am sure you will agree.. (just look at the previous post  - Birthday Bear)   So I made a new card for her and will save the Birthday Bear for something else or maybe post it to my Etsy.  I am a die hard follower of Bugaboo.  If you haven't stopped by you really need to.  Every Friday they have a freebie digi.  Last Friday they had the cutest girl holding a cup cake and I thought it would be perfect to use for her card.  Bugaboo has a challenge blog called Catch The Bug and they have a monthly challenge and this week it is "Anything Goes"  I colored her with my copics, put some pearls on her, and used my sparkles to glam up her cup cake and dress.   My card inspiration came from two challenges  #1 Just Us Girls Challenge # 65 - Sketch and #2 Cupcake Inspiration Challenge #92. 
What better inspiration to start a project.  

 Here's a close up of the cup cake.. you can't see the sparkles on it,.


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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Birthday Bear

 This weekend sure has flown by fast.  I hope that's not how the whole year is going to go.  2010 went by before I knew it and I told myself I am going to make 2011 last and remember the small things.

On small thing I did today was make another challenge card.  This one is for a birthday coming up in about a week.  A long time girlfriend of my youngest daughter.  I used the sketch from CPS199    I changed it up a bit by adding a ribbon and switching the circle and square.  Isn't the ribbon the best.  I got a bunch of "NEW" ribbon for Christmas that has themes on them.  Like new baby, thank you, paw prints,, etc... I thought it was just perfect for this card due to the color combo worked perfect.  PINK!  The Color Dare Challenge #90 asked us to use Baja Breeze, Pink Pirouette, Rich Razzleberry & Very Vanilla.   Whew that was a mouth full... lol.   The colors and the ribbon all go together so well that you just want to sing Happy Birthday to YOU!  How can that not be one of your favorite songs..Every time you hear it you know there is cake, hopefully ice cream and presents not far off.  
I used Polly Craft free digi I got a while ago, isn't he cute with his balloons.  I added the little trail after him.  Just thought it gave him some dimension.   Of course I used my Copics to color him in.  It is my favorite way to color images but I am still learning.  I use to use Prisma pencils a lot but I think I am finally getting the hang of these markers.

Well on to the next challenge card.  I think it'll be another birthday card.  My stash is low.

The rest of the challenges:
Really Reasonable Ribbons Challenge #15 - something new plus ribbon (my ribbon is new.. lol)
Sweet Stampin Challenge - Favorite Song  (Happy Birthday to you.. happy birthday to you)
I Did It Creations Challenge #36 - Favorite Technique  (copic coloring)
Paper Sundaes Challenge #50 - Something New ( the happy birthday ribbon)
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

First card of 2011!!!!

 Yep this is the way I spent my New Years Eve nite.  Making a birthday card for my brother.  His birthday is towards the end of Feb. but after I saw the sketch at Our Craft Lounge Challenge #46 I had to make the card now.  It also gave me the perfect excuse to use a new set that I haven't used yet from them.  It is soooo cute.  It's called Eiei Hello.  If you have never see their stamps you have got to go by their site/store  and check out everything they have.  So many and so many different cute themes.   I have probably about 7 sets and haven't got to use them all yet.

As I was going through the challenges for this week I found three challenges that have the same color theme.

#1 - Off the Wall Craftiness Challenge #39  - Use the colors BLACK - WHITE - GREY

 #2 - Crafty Hos' Challenge - Photo Inspiration

#3 - Gingersnap Creations SP6: Once-in-blue-moon-ginspiration.    

 Now as you look at this card you might ask yourself - "What's up with the Cow?" 
 It must be a private childhood joke.  NOPE!  

Nothing at all I just have been wanting to use this set and for some reason never found the right time or reason.  Crazy huh?

 Other Challenges that I love and entering:

Sew Many Challenges #38 - New Things (my stamp set is brand new/never used)

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