Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day one as a Guinea Pig

  Hi everyone.. I want to let you all know that I am taking a break from my challenges and cards.  I hope a 27 day break.  The reason is I have entered a medical study and have to stay in their facility with limited items to bring.  I know!  Can you believe they would not let me bring my whole crafting room.. BEEP.. BEEP.. back the truck up here I come.  LOL.

So for the next month (or 26 days) I thought it would be a great idea to diary my stay here. 

I arrived this morning for check in at 8:30.  I was one of the first that showed up with my bag in tow. Now packing was a little different.  They provide you scrubs - pants and a jacket, a pair of socks, towels, and all toiletries .. you can only bring your undies, some tee's for under the scrub shirt and a pair of shoes.  I also could bring my blow dryer and straighter.. (thanks shanny)  but no shampoo or conditioner..  I brought makeup but could not bring liquid just the powder and of course my lap top and cell phone.  The other thing I did was stamp a bunch of images and brought my copics so I could color and have my images ready to go when I get out. 

First thing automatically you get a wrist band and you be come a number.  My number is ALT1-55, and everywhere I go and everything they do it's all about the scan.  There are 6 in my group and lets just say I don't understand them and they don't understand me.  I feel like the new kid at school, but everyone has been very nice.

 So first we had to give our vitals.  Blood Pressure.. mine was 123/75.. I think that is good.  Then on to weight.. I'll leave that one up to your imagination.. LOL!  Then the famous Pee in the Cup trick and if your close to me you will know that I am not good at this trick at all.  Get the hazard suit out.  I never knew there was a science to this but I guess there are rules and regulations you have to adhere to or they know.  Let's just say I never knew there is what is called a "Mid Stream" sample.  That is a no no.   Next had to do the EKG which they call a ECG.. what the hell do I know I'm no Doc but all is good with the ticker.  WHEW!  I guess 1 person in my group did not pass so then there were 5.  Next they herd us into a different area of the building.  This building/facility is huge.. have to stay with the group or your lost and thank god for the wrist band!  We visit with the RN so that my veins can be inspected.  Yep, there they are, the freeway of my body is good to go.  The reason for the vein inspection is cuz they will be doing a lot of blood draws and I believe, 3 times while I'm here, I will have a catheter put in my arm to administer the drug .. hence the Guinea Pig statement. 

The next test they conduct is a balance test.  This one is crazy. They harness you up like you are going to jump out of a plane.  Then you step inside this half box, they hook you up ( not the kind of hook up I would prefer but that's another story)   It has the floor of course and two side walls and the front.  What it does essentially is move .. ever so slightly .. and you have to keep your balance and stand up straight.  First the front wall starts to tilt forward or back and it's like a head game.  You don't notice it is moving until you start to follow it by leaning forward and then you catch yourself and stand up straight.  It is just crazy.. the test goes as far as the platform you are standing on slides back and forth a little quicker each time.  The best I can say is it's like when you were young and going to the carnival and the fun house.  Well I came out of that all good and by now it's noonish.  Time for lunch. 

Well if that's what they call it!  I think it was their attempt at some kind of cross between chili/fajita stuff?  It was beef with some onions and bell pepper involved.  I don't eat beef so I just left that.  Also on the plate was some beans and rice.  Now don't you think they should think this lunch thing through better.. beans in a confined area ..hmmm  I'm just saying.

After lunch I guess they figure enough for one day.  Just a small orientation to go over the rules and when lights go out.. that will be at 11 pm.  So here I am.. It's 3:23 of day one and so far so good.  There's quite the array of "guests" here but that will be for tomorrow. 

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