Monday, January 24, 2011

Kicked out of the hamster cage!

 Yep I'm home.  My stay was short and sweet.  Apparently my body/liver reacts very quickly to heal my body.  (please note:  these are the remarks and explanation given to me by their doctors) 
Prior to calling for this study I was going to the gym at least 3 times a week and just before going in for my first physical I was lifting a lot of weights.  So much that my legs hurt and my arms hurt so much it was very uncomfortable to stretch them out.   I thought I was doing good.  Loosing weight and getting back into shape after the holiday eat fest.  I was never told or asked about exercise levels.   I guess there is a enzyme that your liver gives out when you work out to repair muscle damage.   A normal person has a level of 200 and mine was 14,000.  They called me back to redo the blood draw, thinking it was a mistake, but also asked me about working out.  I then told them how I was working out and they let me know to stop completely and they would do a redraw.  I guess everything was fine after I stopped and so I was admitted to the study.

As I had said in my previous post the last day I was there we did many, many vitals.  I guess that was another problem; my blood pressure readings were all over the map.  My blood pressure was pretty low at one point with a reading of 86/64.  Most of the time the top number ran 109 -96 and the bottom numbers were between
 70&76 .

 So their full explanation was that "the client" which is the drug company that is trying to get FDA approval for this certain drug did not feel I would be a very accurate body.  They felt my body responded to quick and often to what's going on with it and that I was manipulating my readings.  The bottom line is that they could not take a chance of not knowing if it was my body that was creating a certain reading or was it the drug that I was taking creating the reading.

Good news is they still pay me for the time I was there so that is good.. I have to wait until the study is done so won't see anything til around the first of March.   They said I can still try to get into other studies but not this one again.  Maybe I will, maybe I won't but it was quite the experience.
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