Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Super Saturday Finds

Gosh got a late start on this post for today.  This will be quick but I am trying to keep on track and not let many days go buy before I chat with you again.  

It was slim pickins on Saturday.  
Just two finds.
Don't you love the mirrored tray.  The best part about it is that it is like a frame on the back.  The back slides off and the mirror will slide out also.  This will make it soooo easy to spray paint and I won't have to tape anything off.   I am pretty sure I want it in my craft room, I just have to decide on the color, will I hang it on the wall or put it on the desk and put pretty things on it.  Maybe a set of three jars with fun stuff in them.

The 3 part wood tray, ( for lack of not knowing what the original item was) I already have a great idea for a Christmas decoration.  Won't the 3 sections be perfect for a special 3 letter word about Christmas.  

Did you figure it out?

How about a Tortoise update! 
On Sept. 11 last year we added two more additions to our zoo that we call a home.  After taking care of my BFF's Sulcata Tortoise for a month we fell in love with her and had to have one, but as crazy as we are we got two.  We named them Keifer & Conan.  That's their names for now.  It take a couple of years to confirm if they are male or female so these name might have to change.  LOL

So here is a picture of how small they were when we brought them home. 
I think you can see that they are babies but this really does not show their actual size and how small they were.   Conan is the larger one on the left and Keifer is on the right.  We believe Conan is probably about two or three weeks older.. Not much more, if that. 

Here they are today having dinner tonight.  If you see one without the other it is very hard to tell who is who.  Keifer has almost grown to the same size as Conan.

So much for a quick post.   
I have to get back to a frame I am making.  Hope to show it to you real soon.


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