Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Great Mike’s Find.

The other day I was shopping at one of my favorite go to stores for all my crafting needs, Michaels.  I have to show you what I fell upon.  I mean really I have probably passed by these 1000 times.  I found them above the candy at the end of the last cash register, sitting at the top piled up, shoved in a box with a bunch of other stuff.  I hope if you go look for these they are displayed much nicer in your store.  Coming from retail they would sell a lot more of these if they did.  All I know is that they are the cutest thing and so perfect for my new craft room.   The bonus is they were relatively cheep,  I think just over $1.00. Embossing container
I’m pretty sure it is a little candy container but as soon as I saw that scoop I knew exactly what I wanted it for. 

Embossing Powders

This is how I normally store my clear embossing powder.  It’s has been just fine this way but I just love the little scoop.  What can I say?
embossing powderEmbossing scoopEmbossing container II
I bought two of these for now.  I don’t emboss a lot so I don’t know  what I’ll put in the other one.  Maybe a cute way to store little brads, buttons, beads, charms, just about anything small.   Who knows maybe I’ll put it on my desk and put candy in it. 
Help me out crafters.. what do you think you’d use these for?


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Nina Yang said...

oooooh, Love this! Is there a lot of embossing powder or the container is kinda small? The little scoop is so cute! I can see me using a line of these for all embossing colors I have! Thanks for sharing, Mary! I am so checking it out at Michaels!!