Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Corn Dog Muffins

Usually Sundays are my cooking days but since it was such a busy day it had to wait. 
Like I said in yesterday’s post my Super Saturday Goodwill Hunting (remember I changed it,  still love it.  hehe)  wasn't very fruitful.  The one thing I did find, and it was a huge find is this muffin tin. 

This muffin tin had not been used, ok maybe once but not a scratch on it, not a dried up piece of burnt food.  You know, no matter how hard you clean something, you can tell if it has been used.  This was probably either a wedding gift that got shoved way in the back of the cabinet or someone had a Paula Dean inspiration and it just never took off.   It's very heavy duty and I just love how the cups are deep and not round like the traditional muffin tins.   My light blub when off when i saw it and knew what my next Recipe Redo was going to be. 

Here is the original picture from my Pinterest board:  Find the kitchen.

This one I didn't even look at the original recipe.  How hard can corn dog in a muffin tin be.  RIGHT!  
Maybe that's why I call it "REDO" just going to start making these up my way.
Oh my, hold on to your Pepto.

I decided to go to a childhood stand-by for my corn mix. JIFFY BOX. Com'on.. you know this stuff is as great as Bisquick. It's for those of us that want to be Julia Child but really we are Rachel Ray. Plus Jiffy is good, really it is.

Ok I gather up my ingredients. Let's see. Corn Mix -   (two boxes was just perfect, for my muffin tins)
Beenie Weenies -
Note:  I used Cocktail Smokies but of course you can use any kind of “dog” you’d like.
I got my big glass mixing bowl out and followed the box instructions.  1 egg and 1/3 cup of milk.  That’s it.  Mix it up but don’t get crazy on the whisk, it gets puffy not runny. 
Fill your cups and I just put a little weenie in each cup. 
Not rocket science. 
In fact if you have kids this would be perfect for little hands to help out.

Bake as the box instructs which is 400 degrees for 15 – 20 minutes. 


I made these yesterday for lunch and Mom and I sat down to try them out.  First trying to get them out of the tin was not that easy.  It was not due to sticking or because the shape of the tin.  It was mostly due to the corn bread.  Crumbly.  I did notice later in the evening when I went to have a snack it was easier.  I think it was since it had cooled down they somehow caked up a bit.  Both mom and I liked them, they were good just a couple of notes.
  • add a little oil to the muffin mix.  On the side of the box there were instructions for pancake / waffles.  I think this would help in the crumbly effect and help hold on to the weenie.  (can you tell how much I like saying weenie.  Angel)
  • I will add more dogs to the middle.  Instead of just one I will put three in the cup.  It was a lot of corn mix and not enough dog.
Last but not least, next time I will add a little shredded cheese to the mixture.  We love cheese in this house.  I wish I was born on a Wisconsin dairy farm.   In fact really you can add just about anything to the mixture.    I will be making this recipe again, very soon, not only to get it right by adding the above but also to try different ingredients and see what I come up with.

Now I have to do real life work and leave the satuary of my blogging world.  I have to go pay bills.  UGHHHHH!

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