Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Spring!

Thought I'd brag about a great idea I had for a long time and finally got it completed.  A while back mom got a new bed.  For a long time she had a little twin bed we bought at ikea.  We both hated it but the only other bed we had was a huge Cal. King and in her little room there was now way it would fit.  so finally mom got to be a big girl and got a big girl bed.  She wanted to just throw out her old bed.  It was just some boards and slats and normally I would have probably broke it down for firewood but I had a great idea for it so nope in the garage it went.
I had decided it would make the perfect raised vegetable garden.  Those slats were calling my name to plant something between them. 
This is what I started with.
I took the headboard off already.  Then I removed the footboard. 
Then I dug out the garden so that I could put the bed in and cover with dirt. 
I fit perfect.   Look at what a ham Rocky is.  He always has to be right in the picture.
Then I just stared filling it all in.  I added a few bags of potting soil and started planting.

I already had that little fence and thought it would be great to put around it.  Last year Rocky kept eating the tomatoes before I could get to them.  
They look a little droopy but by the next morning they came back just great.  There are 3 different tomatoes plants, two peppers, two cucumbers and a zucchini plant.
I'll keep you posted on their progress.

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