Sunday, December 27, 2009

Let me introduce you to ~

As promised I want to introduce you to another one of my babies. Big Mamma has a BIG BOY. Dylan is his given name but we call him The Beast. He has no idea how strong or big he is and everyone that knows him, knows what a “bull in a china shop he is”. He is my #2 baby and speaking of the #2 get this. He is the 2nd child, born in the 2nd month, on the 2nd day at 2 o’clock straight up. Crazy huh? Dylan is trying to find himself and is finally getting on the right track. He had taken a few wrong turns along the way but we are all keeping our fingers crossed that it’s all behind him. He talks about going into the military. I have very mixed feeling about that but this isn’t the place to get into it.

Speaking of military his best friend Giovanni just got leave from Iraq and is home for 20 months. Here they are together just a few days ago.

So now there is only one left that you don’t know about and it will take me a little bit to gear up to introduce her to the world. I’m not sure if anyone is ready for her. Lol!

I am just finishing up a card for the Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge, so will see you soon.

Lots of love
Big Mamma~

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Shannon Roberts said...

That big goof ball is a sweetie!! And you must be talking about Rissa huh?? I did not know about all the 2's; that is very NEAT!!!