Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain... Rain... Go Away

Ok now we are on day three of straight rain and now very strong wind.  I know California gets a lot of rain but here in AZ .. this is the desert.  Com'on.  We don't have winter.. well not winter like the rest of the nation knows.  We might have total a week of what is called winter here and I think that means the temp drops to maybe around (at the worst) 50ish degrees.

So yes.. get the Golpher wood and nails.  Maybe the big man has decieded he needs to clean house again. 

I'll keep you posted... Maybe I'll take some pictures and show you all what I mean.

p.s.  I am watch the news and they said just now up north (which is really only 2 hours away) there is close to 4' of snow.   This is crazy..

Big Mamma has got to go and look for her oars.. I think I'm up a creek.  LOL!

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