Thursday, January 28, 2010

This & That

Just a quick little post to get things off my chest.

#1.. I have to do a retraction.  I made a horrible mistake and on my last post "Junk in the Trunk"  I gave praise to Dustin on the great drawing he made of the lil elephant.  HOLLY CRAPP-OLE I gave praise to the wrong person.  It is LELIA that created the sketch for doodle Dragon Studio.  Now, I am not saying Dustin isn't as great as the praise I gave him but let's give credit were credit is due.
So I am sorry Lelia and want to say Thank You for a wonderful, creative drawing and the honor of having it and passing that gift on. 

Whewww  I feel so much better.  Next BIG.. BIG... BIG.. NEWS!!!!!    TAAAA --DAAA-DAAA-- DAAA!    My daughter is coming into town on Saturday.  Very short trip, I just get to see her 1 day but I will take it.  Watch out shoe stores here we come.  She is flying into LA then a friend and her are driving in here from LA and I think on Monday she will fly out to NY to visit other friends.  I am sure this will be it for awhile since I have a new job, can't take time off, and she is not going to be able to get a lot more time off .  The goal is to get G-Ma out there.  She deserves it.  (btw:  G-MA is what Gramma is called.. My mom.) 

FYI:  Raining again today, started last night, but just very light and should be done by tonight.  Here in the desert we really need it.. So no harm / no foul..

New card to show will post tonight. 

Big Mamma can't tell you enough how much it means to have friends stop by and take a look. 

p.s.  I guess it wasn't so quick or little.. lol. 

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