Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My doggie hangers.

I want to share a little project I did the other day.  It started when I found little wooden hangers at Mikes for only $1.00 ea.  As soon as I saw them I got a great idea.  I remember seeing on Pinteret adult hangers that were Mod Podged with fabric.  I decided to Mod Podge  these for my little guys tee shirts.   I painted the edges with some brown acrylic paint.  Once that was dry I picked some cute scrap book paper I had for doggies, traced the hanger, cut them out.  I brushed on a layer of Mod Podge, then put down the paper and added another layer of Podge.  I think they turned out great and I had fun making them.

Doggie Hanger Favorite

Doggie Hangers 7.2012

 Let me show off my babies, who I made these for:  
 First is Rocky, Rock-a-lious!, The Rockster.   I found him almost two years ago when I was working in an industrial park area. He showed up at the front door.  He had no collar and there was no way I was going to let him wander those busy streets around there. I figured someone would miss him and I would watch for signs or flyers. Never nothing.. so he became my baby.  He is such a lover.
Rocky II
When I brought him home he fell in love with my mother’s Chihuahua and 62 days later, Bently came into my life. Well he and his 4 brothers. Something about him was different and I just could not let him go. We found great homes for the other 4 and in fact friends have them so I check in on them often. 
Bently is the rebel.
Mr.  Bently
Here is my favorite picture of father and son.
As you can tell Bently was much younger at this time.
Bently & Rocky
Well off to bed and dream of my next crafting project. 

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