Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bad, bad, Blogger... :(

Yes Big Mamma has been a bad blogger.  I've only posted cards and have not done been on my couch letting everything out.  I should be on time out but then how could I keep up with my cards.  I am having a blast with all these challenges I am following. 
So you asked for it....

First I want to say a BIG thank you to Joanne over at Cardology Etc. .  She is the first person/blog that I have been mentioned in since I started.  A little token goes a loooonnggg way.  

Next New Year eve was ok.. I am not a partier and do not go out ever but especally on that night.  Can you say "Crazies out an about"  First I deliberated a long time about even saying anything about this but if this is my "couch" blog and this is real life then I thought yes I should be honest.  Also I know I am not the only mother that has ever been through this.  Ok you probably know where I'm going with this one.  So about 11:49, to be exact, I get the call.  Yep someone is calling on my daughter's phone saying I need to come pick her up she is TRASHED!  What!  My daughter (16) does not drink what are you talking about?  Well apparently she does.. ohhh wait she did.. She can't see the light of day (ok I let her go to school, but that's it) for at least a month and we'll see from there so that's her life in a nut shell now.  So long story short.. Yep my kid went to a friends house to stay over night and ended up at a stupid high school party, got drunk, and now is grounded.  Funny thing about all this is that not more than 1 minute before the call I went to my mom and said something is up.. I just had a feeling cuz she wasn't answering my text or phone call.. that is not like her at all.  I know .. I know.. but really she is a great kid and very responsible until this.. but that is how I just knew something was up..
So that was my New Years.. beat that!  Ohhhh yes I did, I said that!

Yes there she is in all her glory.  She is wet cuz I put her in the shower and sprayed her off with some cold water to sober her up.  All I can do as I look at this picture is to shake my head.. but I do have to laugh a little now.. if  you had only seen her.. It was funny after I got done being mad.
!! WARNING... WARNING.. this can happen to you as a mother also.. be warned !!   LOL

What's next.. making cards
Got a card I'll be posting in a few and a couple in the making.
Big Mamma's gotta take a pill (to deal with this family) and get back to work.

xoxo  *smooch*


Shannon Roberts said...

the sad thing is she looks so happy in this pic & actually kinda cute. As one of the "other" mothers this BLOWS & I am sorry you had to go thru it but it really is better you know & that we are able to speak of it. Otherwise I think they would sneak around all the time thinking they are getting away with crap; ya know?

Stampin Mindy said...

Thats too bad, I'm sorry you had to deal with it. I dread this day. At least someone called you to go get her, thats the right thing to do in that type of situation. You will be able to laugh more about this as time passes. Your daughter is beautiful by the way.