Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pig 4 Pig

First I need to thank everyone that helped me out on my question about taking the picture of my cards.  After reading the comments I slapped my forehead and said DUHHHH! 
Geeezzze  I can't believe I couldn't put it together myself.  Oh well isn't that what we're all here for, to help each other out.

So a little back ground on what I mean about Pig 4 Pig.  My oldest daughter (I do not use those abbreviation that I see everyone else does because I don't consider myself a designer) the one that lives in Seattle has called her sister , my youngest, Pig ever since I can remember.  Probably since she was two years old.  Why Pig, because she eats all the time.  You can set your watch by her... every two hours.  That is probably why she is so skinny.  The other thing is she only eats junk.  Chips, salsa, pickles, anything that is not really good for you.  My kids do not call each other by their given names.  My oldest is Sissy and always will be.  I remember ohhh probably 10 years ago I was talking to my son and in the conversation I said his sister's given name.  He looked at me and really the look on his face was he had no idea who I meant.  I said.. Sissy.. ahh your sister.. remember.  Oh yea.. he looked a little embarrassed but that is how he only understands her.  His name is Beast, well just because he is such a big guy and has, nor will ever, grow into his body.  Then there is Pig the youngest.  So I made the following card for my oldest to give to her sister for Valentines. 
BTW - My oldest is coming back into town in two weeks... Just a pit stop for her on her way to other places but hey I will take what I can get.  That's when I will give it to her so she can mail it to her Pig sister.  hehehe

I am also entering this card in the TSG36 challenge - Shape Card.

My disclaimer:  I don't want anyone to think I stole this card from someone.  I "stole" it from a lot of different talents out there.  LOL.  I have seen so many cute ideas of punch art pigs  and I took ideas from different ones and put my own twist on it.

Here's my twist:
Main body:I used my Creative Memories Circle cutter but placed the templet over the edge of the fold so it would not cut a complete circle.
Face: Used my EK circle cutter and cut a 3" circle 
Ears:  Small heart.  It is glued upside down.
Eyes:   Outside = 7/8"  Inside = 1/2"
Nose:  Oval & Lrg dot punch
Feet:  1/2" Sq punch
Tail:   My favorite part - Curly Q punch

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