Monday, August 29, 2011

New Faux Padded Headboard.

 My new obsesion is Pinterest.  I can't get enough of looking at pages and pages of ideas to create whether if it's crafty or food.  Not only do you "repin" others finds, you also have the ability to pin pretty much anything you find on the web that you fall in love with.  If your interested in seeing what I am talking about check out my boards.. here..  If you haven't found this site you must take a look.  Basically it is like creating wish boards but virtual on the web. 

So on one of my days of surfing the web I found this picture of 3 fabric boards mounted on the wall to create a faux headboard.  It was on the website.
I love the look of this and thought I have to try this.  It was sooooo easy.  The most expensive part was buying the batting but if your a quilter or sewing person you probably have it already.  My staple gun, hot glue gun and a few hours later and this is what I came up with.  My version is shorter, just at pillow length.  I don't really like attached to the frame headboards so this was just perfect for me. 

 As I look at this picture they look WAY better in person but at least you get the idea.   Just a side note my bedroom is black, white with touches of red.  I wanted to do something different than just paint the wall so I paint spattered the main wall with black and red.  It's hard to see but all I did was get a quart of black and a quart of red paint - Behr Paint, of course *wink* *wink* and dipped my brush in, then flung it towards the wall.  It was so much fun and created a great look.

Here is a closer look at the fabric.  I love the pattern. 

I hope everyone that went thought that horrible Irene is ok.  We here in the desert are all thinking and praying for everyone.

 Big Mamma Luvs Ya 

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