Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Winter Christmas Tree

 Wow I can't believe 1 week and Santa will be here.   Can you believe I am still making Christmas cards.  Mostly because I love to make them and next I love my challenges but I also have a bunch that really don't need to be mailed, just handed out.  So I can keep stamping away .. at least for another couple of days.

Here is the latest:

 The stamp is from Hero Arts and the sketch idea came from 
 I decided to go with these colors from Embelish Magazine - Mixed Patterns Color Trends Challenge. 

Aren't they so rich and bold!  I thought how was that going to work for a Christmas card but I think they worked just fine.  

I wish you could see the glitter and stickler I put on the tree to accent like snow but the picture didn't turn out very well.  But it's there.. there is snow on those branches.. 

I hope everyone is "wrapping" up the loose ends of their Holiday Season!! 

 Glitter Graphics

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Ashley Cannon Newell said...

This is such a lovely card. Thanks for joining the mixed patterns color trends challenge.