Thursday, January 12, 2012

Catching up to 2012

 Happy 2012 everyone!  I know you probably have been wondering where the heck have I been.  I know.  Sounds like we have a lot to catch up on.

I did take time off before and after Christmas since my  daughter came into town for the holiday.  This time she stayed longer than she normally does.  I sure do miss her and really enjoyed the time we had together.
Her hair is pinned back in this picture but normally it is long and wavy.

So how did everyone ring in the new year?  I spent New Years Eve like I do every single year for probably the last 10 years.  At home safe and sound.  Yea.. I feel like I am just to old to go out and do the big hoopla, blow the horns and get all drunk and crazy.  I was asked to go to a block party and I probably should have gone for a couple of hours but that's just not me.  I really am not good in crowds with lots of people I don't know.  I would rather just hang at home, watch a little TV and scan the web for more fun crafting ideas.

Speaking of fun crafting ideas, (like how all this flows, hahaha) I am working on gathering up some projects for my Girls Crafting Nite Out.  As you should know by now I work at the big orange hardware warehouse and we did one of these last year, which ended up a great success.  So at the beginning of this year my big BIG boss (the manager of the store) came to me and said I had the green light to do the crafting nites though out the next year.  Of course all the items to make the project must be from our store.  Well duh!  Come to find out this is not as easy as I thought it would be.  We have awesome prices and everyone knows what we carry but lets face it we are not a craft store and my target for the projects are under 10$ and items that are decor or gift giving items.  I have a few ideas and right now have enough projects to have a class every other month.   I have created a Board at my Pinterest called Girls Nite Out.  I am also thinking that part of my projects are to teach women how to use tools they may not know how to use or are afraid to use in creating their projects. 

Like a Miter Box, how many of you know how to use a Miter Box out there?  Miter Boxes can be very inexpensive and once you have one you can cut so many things it unbelievable.

One last thing I've been doing, well other than working, I was asked to make party invites.  Come back tomorrow and I'll have show and tell about that.

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