Saturday, November 17, 2012

Roadside Find

Everyone getting ready for the big turkey day!  It will be a small one for us this year but still thankful that all my family is still close to my heart and we are all alive and safe.  My girls won’t be coming home for Thanksgiving but I understand, I will see them for Christmas. 

Today I want to show you a treasure that I and my bestie found along the road one day.  I can’t believe someone would throw out such a great piece of furniture. 

I got so excited about redoing this cabinet that I took the handles off before I remembered to take pictures.  Along side, next to it, it had a matching hutch that sat on top of it.  We just didn’t have the room to take that and it probably was just to much for me anyway.  

This was in such great condition that I didn’t really need to sand it anywhere.  I got my trusted Valspar paint & primer in one spray paint and started spraying.  It took about 4 cans but I made sure it had a pretty thick coat.  Of course, let it dry completely between coats to get the best finish possible.
What do you think of the finished product?

It’s a perfect piece to my new craft room.  I love it! 

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and remember those with you, away from you, and gone forever.  Give each and everyone of them a silent thanks that you have them or had time with them.  Family and friends are the best thing anyone can have.

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