Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 is here, good bye 2012!

I hope everyone had a very safe and wonderful New Year's Eve.  Mine was very uneventful this year.  My 2012 was not the best, in fact, as the year went on it got worse and worse.  I have to say that I am not sad to see it end.   Still waiting to hear from my girls .. "Happy New Year mom!", but I am not on their 1st thing to do list.  I often get lost in their very busy lives.   This year I am going to find some way to understand that and come to peace with it.
Ok my pity party is done.  On to much happier thing. 
I want to show you what I made over the Christmas holiday.  No it is not crafty, but wait, don't run off!   IT'S FOOD RELATED!  ooohhhh sparked your interest, did I?
I hope it will help you in some little way just in case you were thinking about making

I have to admit I am a Pinterest addict.  I had pinned this image a while ago.  If you're interested in my boards come check them out here

I am sure there are a bunch of you that have done the same thing.  Pinned something and then never get to it.  At Christmas I killed two birds with one Waffle Iron.  haha.. I crack myself up.  Mom had been talking and looking at waffle irons all year long.  Santa *wink* *wink* decided to check it off her list.  What a perfect time to try out a new fun recipe, Christmas morning breakfast.

Here is all you need:

(Please note at what level the heat is at.  Just this side of Med. heat.)  This is very important unless you want to make Waffle Bricks.  LOL!

I bought two flavors... the one shown, Caramel, and also the normal cinnamon. Had to try one of each.
Last but not at all least.

I have to tell the truth. I really do not know for sure that you need a cooking spray. The waffle iron is Teflon coated and they might not stick if you don't use the spray but I wasn't going to try it out.  Using it doesn't hurt at all nor does it change the flavor at all.  Don't take any chances and just use it!.. LOL

Now your ready to go.  This is sooo much fun & simple that even the kids can help. 

Pop open the cinnamon rolls.  This process always scares the $h*t outta me.  I start, very slowly, pulling the paper back.  Slowly, because either the paper is going to rip half way through and I'm left with roll in one hand and a sliver of paper in the other hand or at any given time this thing pops and I have a mini heart attack. This is just like when I was little and had that stupid Jack In The Box that would scare me every single time it popped but I also couldn't put it down.
Wow did I just write a whole paragraph about opening a damn biscuit roll.  Well thanks for my therapy time.  Geezzee I have lost my mind.
Inside at the end of the roll is a little plastic canister.  This is where the "magic" spread is.  Yuummmm so good.  Just set it aside, you'll dip into this once your waffle is done.
Heat up the waffle machine, spray the top and bottom with cooking spray, separate the cinnamon rolls and place one in each section of your griddle.  If you have an older machine that does not have the sections I would still use four rolls so they look like this.
Now just close the lid good and tight.  Don't go anywhere, thinking you have time while they cook.  I found that out the hard way.  Remember the brick I was talking about. 

Normal waffles need time to cook but these do not.  In fact after the first set.  The bricks.  I set the timer and found it only took 1 minute and 40 secs.
They came out perfect!
At this point they are great to eat just the way they are but if you want to go all the way to taste bud heaven.  Now's the time for that little canister that you put aside. 
Spread the frosting on your waffle as little or as thick as you'd like. 
There you have it.  OMG they were so good.  A hit at the breakfast table.

Ooohhh my crafting buddies.  Don't throw away the frosting container. I washed it out for my craft stash.  My head is about to burst with the ideas on what can be done with it. DSCN2239

I hope some one is left still reading this crazy post.  I can get a little long winded at times. 

Waffle Iron details:  The dets. are the facts and my opinion is just that - only my opinion and no one has provided me with anything for these opinions.

Hamilton Beach Mess Free Waffle Maker

  • Features: Temperature Ready Light, Indicator Lights, On/Off Switch, Cool Touch Handle
  • Includes: Batter Scoop, Instruction Manual
  • Material: Metal, Stainless Steel
  • Metal Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Wattage Output: 650 Watts
  • Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean
  • My opinion:
    It heated up very quickly, really no wait time.  I love the design on the inside.  It has a deep grid design and built-in overflow channel all the way around. No dripping.   Like I said it is Teflon coated so be careful what utensil you use on it.  On the handle it has a little "closure clip".  I like that it clips closed so it cooks real well and tight. If I had anything negative or the con. to say about it.  The Low to Med. dial on the top gives no indication of the temperature that Low is or how High is high.  I would say start on the lower side of what you think and play with it.  I know I can't expect Champaign for my Beer price.
    All it all for the price I paid, $29.99 retail, it is a great buy for this budget range.   I would defiantly recommend this waffle iron to any of my friends.


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