Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodwill Hunting Finds

Good afternoon everyone.  Don't forget to make sure you write the correct date on all those important papers.  2013!  Remember when we use to write checks for everything and during, at least in Jan., almost all the checks had the year scratched out and we had to fix our mistake.  Ha ha ha.  Who writes checks anymore?
Today I'm going to show off some new things I found while out Good Will Hunting.  After Christmas is over and everyone has gone the big "downer" creeps up and I need some retail therapy.  Since money is tight and there isn't anything new that I want or need I gather my rump up and get over to the thrift stores.  Nothing makes me more giddy than a good thrift store scavenger hunt.  Retail stores drive me crazy and gives me anxiety. 
Some of my finds this time are Vintage and I am going to try to sell them over at my Etsy shop.  If you haven't been by here is the link.

I also try to keep the flash of WHATS ON SALE, over at my sidebar, up to date.  Best way to know for sure just email me to see if I still have something you saw.  Just because you don't see it anymore doesn't mean I still don't have it.   Normally I only sell my crafted frames or crafted holiday decor but since I stumbled upon these items I said, "what the heck, let see what happens".

Hey I'm not here to sell you.. I'm here to show off.  LOL..
I think they are pretty good finds.
Goodwill Hunting find 12.30.2012
It's a dark blue, like navy.  Remember I'm not a professional here.. just a silly blogger.  Pictures aren't always the best they probably could be.  Here are my ideas for it.  I think I want to chalkboard the three squares. I could make notes to my self or make it for lists.  If I don't go with that my other thought is scrapping / embellishing  out the squares and putting inspirational words in each to give me a lift everyday. BELIEVE - CHERISH - DREAM.  I love the hooks so I don't really want to do anything with those.  They aren't rusted so no need to fix what isn't broke. I'm not sure of the color I want to make it either. Can you believe it was under $5.00.
 You have any idea help me out.. What would you do with it?

Little frames 12.2012
These two cute frames are small and plastic.  The green frame measures 5 1/2 x 6 1/2 and the oval one is also about that small.  Aren't they so adorable.  Just little plastic frames. I have one wall in my craft room that I want to decorate with a bunch of fun colored frames.  These will work perfect as soon as I spray them up.
Ok now your turn.  Give my your ideas, if you had these what fun idea would you do?

Here are my vintage finds...
 Vintage two leaf candy dish 12.30.2012
Ransburg Canisters - Front
Vintage lrg and sm leaf dish 12.30.2012
Ok now your turn.  Man, I have so much to do.. I gotta get on the move.  Have a great day!

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