Friday, January 4, 2013

A very needed Thank U card.

Sometimes there are people out there that do things for others just because.  They don't want anything back, they don't even ask any questions.  I am very lucky that I have a couple of people like that in my life.
A few weeks before Christmas my mom's phone took a crap.  The battery just would not hold a charge any longer.  I put the word out to a few friends if anyone had an extra phone (that was on my network) we sure were interested.  I was hoping it wouldn't be to much but told mom if I went the way of ebay it would take too long to get.  Especially since it was Christmas season and you know the mail.  Within hours we got the word someone had a phone.  How much?  NOTHING!  Mom was excited just to get a phone but dang!  Her phone is now probably better than mine. 
Can I take just a moment to tell you about my mom .  She is a horse!  I say that with all the love in my heart but she really is.  8 years ago I decided to sell my big house and downsize.  This involved moving to a different town. Mom and I have always lived in the same neighborhood so moving to a whole different town was BIG!  My dad had passed so when I move she will be all alone.  There is no way I could do that so I told her, "Mom you are going to move in with me".   She is so independent, this did not sound to good to her, but after a little bit it grew on her.  I had told her that she had taken care of me all her life, been there for me and my kids.  Now it was time for me to take care of her.  Well that lasted 3 months and it was driving her crazy to "just sit home all day long".  She went out and found a job and she's still taking care of me.   LOL!!  
This is my favorite picture of her doing what she does best.
Mom working[1]
She's a star!
This woman is a saint and is willing to try almost anything.  About 4 years ago, mom is now 71, she decided she wanted to learn to surf, and play on the World Wide Web.  I got her a computer, set it up and damn if she didn't start surfing.  I really only had to show her things maybe twice.  She has now graduated to a laptop, laying in bed playing slots online.  I sear the other day she let out a scream and was going on.. I ran in there to make sure she was ok.  She looked up from her lap top and said "yea.. I just won 210 coins!"  You would have thought the IRS were on their way to our house and she was a millionaire. 
I know your asking yourself, where is she going with this and what does this have to do with her getting a phone.  I don't know.  You should know me by now that I just start to ramble and the original story is long gone and lost.  
ooohhh the phone, the really nice phone she got.  She really doesn't need much but she thinks that her touch phone is her gateway to heaven.  She loves to text and I'm telling you we all love to get her texts.  You just never know what that text is going to say.  She doesn't quite get the auto fix and she never reads her texts before she sends.  They crack us all up!  Just the other day my cousin got a text from her with some major four letter words.  The ones that start with "F".  I showed her how you can talk and the phone will create a text out of it.  This woman has NEVER used language like that but she talks fast or hym haws and I know that phone had no idea what she was saying so I think it just got mad and put it's own words in.
For her to get this great phone, and a touch screen at that, has made her feel like she is right up there with Bill Gates.   She is sooooo cool, and we let her keep thinking that!  A verbal Thank You just wasn't enough.
Alan's Thank U card - 1.3.2013
You know I am not going to make a card and not enter it into a few challenges. 
The layout / Sketch is from Freshly Made Sketches challenge #67

The colors are from Color Throwdown #223

Time for bed.



Cindy Hall said...

Loved reading your story, and your card is a wonderful Thank You card. Thanks for sharing with us at Freshly Made Sketches!

Linda Suarez said...

Great post Mary! And a great Thank You card! Thanks for joining us this week at Freshly Made Sketches!

Joan Ervin said...

What a wonderful thank you card...I love how you designed the sentiment and the twine is such a great detail!!! Thanks for joining us for the Color Throwdown Challenge!!!

Broni said...

I loved your story about your Mom! What a hero! Learning always keeps you young! Your card is just right for her! I'm so glad you could play along with us at the Color Throwdown this week!

Allisa said...

Fun story! Thanks for playing with us at Freshly Made Sketches!