Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dresser Makeover

First I want to say thank you for letting me get all stupid yesterday.

Next I want to show you what I did to a dresser my friend gave me.  She was redoing her boys rooms and she bought all new furniture for them.  This  dresser had been with her since she was a teenager and had been handed down along the way.  It is a great piece of furniture in the since that it is solid wood and was put together really well.  The only thing wrong with it was that over so much time that most of the wood drawer guides had  broken.  They were not the metal type.  It was on the way to Goodwill and I told her I would love to take it off her hands.  We trade furniture all the time back and forth.. 

I wish I had taken complete pictures of before I started but here is what it looked like after I took all the drawers out, cut the wood drawer guides out, and took the back off.  

Ok use your imagination.  On the left was a door and when you opened the door it had 3 adjustable shelves.  On the right is where the 3 (like socks or underwear) drawers were.  On the bottom are two large drawers that nothing was wrong so keeping them.  There was one crack there on the right side that I filled in with wood putty, let it dry and then lightly sanded the whole thing.  

So ready for the finished project. 

I switched the door to the right side so that the adjustable shelves would be seen.  Behind the right door is nothing, just an open space like you see on the left but no shelf.  Originally the dresser did not have any hardware pulls on it at all but I thought the brushed nickle silver hardware added a little something to it.

See, I don't spend every moment in bed.. LOL!



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