Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Question - Taking Blog / Card pictures.

As I check out all the blogs I follow and the beautiful cards that everyone makes I notice most everyone gets very tight close up pictures of certain area of the card you want to show us. Fine detail.  The pictures are so clear and perfect.

Is that the camera you are using?  I have a pretty good camera.. 15 zoom you know.  (that's an inside joke to a few)

Is it the picture taker?   As you can see in my posts I try but for some reason they don't turn out as well.

Is there a trick when you upload the picture and re size it?  I don't know anything about "pixels" at all.

I hate being an amateur at this so I am turning to all of you my bloggin girls.

Big Mamma has a big Thank You for all your patience.


Gwen said...

Mary, I usually take a few pics (natural light is best but I can't always get it - do most of my stuff at night when kids are asleep). I pick the photo I think looks best. Then in Adobe or which ever photo editing program I am in, I'll crop out a place that I really want to highlight. Save that as a copy, that way your original will be safe too. You should be left with the good original and a good close up.

Or, you could pull up your pic in your camera's review. Use your toggle button to zoom in on the area you would like. Your camera may have a "trim" or "crop" feature that will allow you to do your edit right there. You may also be able to save that as a copy too, so that your original will be safe. I can do this on my camera-phone and both of my digi cameras (neither one very expensive).

I hope this helps. I'm no expert by any means.

Have a great weekend.


Joanne Gilch said...

Tee over at Designs by Tee told me to resize to 6oo pixels. I only now that my pics upload so much faster when I remember to do that. Thanks Gwen for the upclose photos, if I only remember to save the first shot!!LOL

Joanne Gilch said...

I stand corrected--Blogs by Tee. Her button is on my sidebar. She designed my blog. I took the pics and she took it to the top!!!