Friday, September 24, 2010

Special Gifts on the way.

 I have something to share with you this morning.  Everyone at my house is eagerly anticipating a few special gifts soon.  Especially G-Ma (gramma).  Please meet Gypsy.
She was a stray from a place I worked and ran in the construction yard all the time.  I could not let such a sweet little dog be in such disparage and possibly get hit.   That is why I named her Gypsy.  She just was a wanderer.  She started out as my pup but since I was gone all day at work and Mom was home with her she took to her and now will not leave her side.  G-Ma loves her just as much.   Well you really can't see very well in this picture but what about this one. 
 She looks like a GIANT tick.  LOL.. I mean she has a great big body and this little head.  If we counted the days I think it is this weekend but G-Ma says it is around next Tuesday.  I am also guessing about 3 pups .. I hope for her sake no more than that.   Would you like to see Daddy? 

So what do you think the combo is going to look like?

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