Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Birthday gift for Bella

How is the end of your summer going... yea even for dry, HOT, Arizona we are "cooling" down.  It was only 103 yesterday and mornings are actually very nice..

So I had to take a break from my Halloween crafting and make a birthday present.  My mother babysits two little kids about once a week so mommy and daddy can have a date night.  Bella will be turning 3 at the end of this month and I wanted to make her something that my mother can give her and she will be soooo excited.  Mom explained to me that Bella is a little Princess, a very girly girl.  I decided I wanted to make her some bows and that lead to a bow holder. 

I am sorry I don't have pictures of the steps in making it but it was so simple. In prep use a large flat area and spread the newspaper or the best is wax paper so if you get a little messy it won't stick.  Also have a paper plate ready to catch the excess glitter.  You will want to reuse whatever falls off and a paper plate is easy to fold so you can slide the extra back into the container. 

At Mikes I found in the $1.00 bin a large B, the ones that are painted white and wood.  If you're a crafter I know you have seen them.  I already have every glitter known to man.  Who doesn't love glitter!  You know when people ask you "if you were stranded on a desert island"  glitter would be in my pocket!   I wanted to make this very PINK!

Along with my glitter supply I always have a lot of Glossy Accents or Crystal Effects.  Just a word of warning.  I have done this glitter thing before using older glue and it was a disaster.  I also have tried it using Mod Podge and that didn't work very well either... so I will always just use either Glossy Accents or Crystal Effects. 

 I picked Pink Poka Dot ribbon: 

To start, cover a large area with the Glossy Accents.  Start at the edge and work your way across.  You don't have to put a thick layer on at first because after you cover the whole thing you can then go back and do another layer if you want.  Fill up the whole thing little by little and layer by layer until you get the look you want.   I painted the edges pink, used the thin ribbon and glued it all the way around the edge.  I also decided to put felt on the back since there were some messy pink paint spots I needed to cover.  Then I cut a long piece of ribbon and glued it to the back.  So here is the finished the project.

Here is the side view. 

 Check this one off my list and on to the next.  Have a baby shower coming up and have a few ideas in the works.

Big Mamma Luvs Ya Glitter Graphics


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