Friday, September 2, 2011

One great idea!

 Thought I would show you a cute idea I thought about all by myself.  Who would have thunk I had this in my little pea brain.  

I was cleaning up my room and doing a little redecorating last week and as I was moving a piece of furniture around in my room came up with this awesome idea.  My bestie gave/loaned me a beautiful dresser hutch that was her grandmas.  

As you can see I keep some of my crafting and stamping items.  I wasn't very organized and had that empty shelf FULL of ribbon.  As I was taking all of it down and trying to breath from all the dust... lol  I was looking at my ribbons in that cute little holder above and came up with a perfect idea.  
Yea I bought two spring tension rods $2.48 each at Wallyworld and now look!

Isn't that so much neater and how great .. I probably could get another rod in there with no problem.   I had a few ribbons that the holes in the middle were to small but a hack job with the scissors and not a problem!

I hope someone out there can make this work for them and make their ribbon mess... ahhh I mean pile look this great.

Everyone have a great and safe Labor Day Weekend. 

Big Mamma Luvs Ya

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