Monday, October 29, 2012

Craft room redo day 1

Well the time has finally come.  To me it’s bittersweet.  The room that I am turning into my craft room is considered a den.  It does not have a closet.  Eight years ago when I moved in I also asked my mother to come live with me.  She decided she wanted this room.  It was at the front of the house and had a window that looked out to the front.  Due to the  bitter part, my mom took my daughter’s room and the front room will now be my craft room.  It has double doors that both open inward so it can also be part of the living room.  I’m like baby… “don’t shove me in a corner”
Yesterday I gathered up my supplies and decided it was time to start to paint.   This was a very hard thing to do.  To me it was almost like accepting or it was like me liking that my daughter is gone.  I don’t figure anyone will understand but very tough.
Something you need to know is I hardly ever buy anything at full price.  From cloths to food (sales and coupons) to anything for my crafting.  This also includes my painting supplies.   I love checking out the oops paint at my favorite hardware store HomeDepot.   I even worked there so one thing I do know about is paint.  I was the dept manager in paint  so I can say that I totally understand the ins and outs of their paint brands of Behr and Glidden.  Everyone has their favorites and I’m not here to change your mind or bash any other brand.  All I can do is just tell you my opinion.  I love both brands and they have made changes recently that make them even better. 
As usual I get off track.  This weekend I hit the holly grail of paint oops.  The price is always the same for oops paint, $7 gallons and $20 for 5 gals no matter what brand or quality.  It is very hard to ever come upon a light color.  They go very fast as you probably can figure. 
Look at my buys.
Speedwall is a Glidden product and is their lower end contractor grade paint but since I am covering a very bright green I was going to have to either prime it or put on a couple coats.  So for $20 and the perfect color I could not pass it up.  It is an off white, a very very light cream color.   The other three cans,  I already had the one on top, I am just going to “box” them together.  “Boxing” them together is just mixing them all in one bucket.  This is ok to do but you will never be able to match the sheen or finish again.  I don’t care about that so all is good.
About two hours later…
I am sure I can finish up the basics today.  I am trying to make decisions on what I want to do with one wall.  As you look at the pictures from top left to bottom your standing in the double door way.  
#1 looking in, to the left, it is like one full wall with a bend in the middle. this is going to be a difficult wall to deal with. 
#2 is looking to your right.  That is the big full wall I’m thinking of doing something with it.  You can also see the front wall and that window that looks out to the front.
#3 I walked into the room and it’s obvious that I took the picture from the other side of the room.  See that whole side is just the double doors.
If any one is out there reading this has any ideas send them my way.  They would be greatly appreciated. 
A couple ideas I’ve been kicking around are a wall of chevrons or taping off big lines of different colors… maybe that “Ombre” thing  still unsure.

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