Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So much going on today so this will be a quick post.  Still painting.. carving .. cardmaking!

First up..  look at my craft room!  All that crazy green is covered.  This is flat paint and I’m not keeping it this white color.  Just needed to cover that green. 

What a difference!
Now I start the process all over again but with the real color.  Outline and top to bottom.
Next I got a great pumpkin this year.  It has a cute curly cue stem on the top.  Carved it up and now we have Pumpkin 2012!
Corny huh?
My drill was laying close by so I had to get crazy with that.  Drilled holes so “punky” can see all those cute costumes that will be coming by tonight.  Then spirit took over me and look what happened.

Guess who got the benefit of my supreme pumpkin craving? 

That’s Keifer on the left and Conan on the right.  They loved their pumpkin!

Rocky had to get into the Halloween Spirit also.
He put his costume on. (I helped a little)

Yesterday I had just a little time to make a card for Paper Smoooches, a Thank You card. 

Please be safe and take care of the little ones tonight. 
Happy Haunting.

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Glenda J said...

Looks like you had a great Halloween! Great card, love your big bold flower.