Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pretty in Pink

I hope her Mommy & Daddy will think so.  Friends are expecting a little girl soon so I made a couple of frilly onsies for them.   You member.. the baby shower, this Saturday.  Nothing like down to the wire. 
My bestie and I spent a day of marathon crafting yesterday and boy did we get projects done.  She has a wedding this Saturday and was making a Ring Bearer Box.  She doesn’t have a sewing machine right now so I took mine over.   We needed to make two little silk pillows for inside the box.  Then she tacked a ribbon in the middle of each pillow (his & hers) to tie the rings to.

Check – got that done.

Next she wanted to make a onsie for a little baby boy that’s on the way.  I had made these in the past for a friends baby boy.  I create a iron on transfer of a neck tie and then adhere it to the onesie.
These are the ones I made a while back.  Of course I did not take my camera so I don’t have a picture of the one we made yesterday.  You know the more you make something the better you get, hers is really cute.

Project #2 down.

While I was working on my onsies she finished a Halloween frame she had already started.  Once she got done with that she started and finished another Halloween project.  She was a crafting fool.

#3 & 4 Complete.

My major project to get done were these onsies.
I bought a yard of this great fushia pink ribbon.  It already has a seam on one side to make it ultra easy to sew down onto any fabric.  I stitched three rows.  Just incase it’s not clear that is her little butt that the ruffle will be on. 
Here is the front.
I added a row of this pretty pink ribbon on the front, sort of like a collar or necklace.   Then Shanny had made a rosette with this exact ribbon before so I attached it to a head band to complete the set.
The next outfit I made was with a very sweet eyelet lace ribbon.  Same with this one it had a finished edge which I sewed three layers on the back side, just like the first one.
(look at my desk.. how clean it is.  After looking at that picture yesterday I had to clean it)  HAhah..
Here is a close up to see this beautiful lace.
See the little edging of light pink.

On the front I wanted to do something a little different.  I tried to make a rosette with this ribbon but it just didn’t work.  I glued.. pulled apart... tried a different way... glued.. and then just threw it away.  It just wasn’t working.  It did not look cute at all on the front.  
I found in my stache of fabric some tulle that the color matched the pink on the lace.  I made this flower.
It doesn’t look like much by itself but on the front I thought it turned out just right.

Had to make a headband for this one also.  I didn’t want it to be exactly like the ribbon or the tulle so I went with a flower. 
That’s a big flower!  I hope you’ll still be able to see the little one.  LOL.
She will be able to use that headband for many different outfits.  

So, see how busy we were.  That’s projects 5 & 6!

Six projects in one day for us.  By the time I went home at 7ish I was exhausted and really we didn’t do anything major.  Just crafted our hearts out.

Thanks Shanny for a great day and all your great ideas. 

Signature Lips

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